Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The one about nothing much

Hey, hello, salaam, namaste

No, I won't break into a flashy Bollywood number if that's what you're fearing!

How have you all been? Me? Well, it's just turned past 08.35 am and I'm writing my first blog of the day having showered and made up Fajr. Not even had breakfast yet and I wasn't even meant to be here, like, right here, typing this as I MUST get my literature review done by tonight. When I say done, not done DONE, but 75% done as the hubs has promised to unleash his wrath if he comes home to not find it done. I don't know why I'm feeling kinda apprehensive. Maybe because I have a deadline to meet in less than a months time ARRRRGGH! lol It will be alright inshaAllah. I'm so last minute.com. Really stinks.

Anyway. I did warn you that this post would be about nothing so don't be surprised when you see the next part of this useless post:

What a crazy picture right?!! It was taken in England, early 1900's and shows the apparently eccentric Lionel Rothschild (yaa, eldest son of Nathan Rothschild, y'know, the Zionist Jews) riding in zebra and carriage to Buckingham Palace in his attempt to prove that zebra's can become tamed animals! Crrrrazy man! LOL! I came across this while I was looking up the Natural History Museum where the hubs and I are hoping to visit on our trip to London later this week. The zebras really do add a touch of exocticness to an otherwise mundane and regular activity! Truly captured by the picture!

Leave you with it!


Monday, 19 October 2009

Static but on track, I hope.

Hello/Salaam/Ola/Aye up World

Hope you're all fine and doing well. I've been off the radar for a while, busy busy with work and life outside the blogosphere, yes, seriously, I have got one one y'know! In the time that I have been away though, I have been constantly lurking through blogs that I enjoy reading and have been kept quite entertained by them. I mostly did this when I was suppose to be working on my thesis/dissertation but didn't because I've gone back to being a part-time time waster. Hence the post title.

Life is moving on, full on, firing on all cylinders kind of full on, yet, I feel still/static/in the same place as before, although I am fully aware that I have moved on and am continuing to move on so may levels.

I think the main issue for me right now that is making me feel static is my thesis deadline. The original deadline was 15th Sept which then got extended to 15th Oct and only a week and a bit ago, I found out that my caring and generous tutor wanted to grant me more time as she doesn't want to add to my workload and stresses. I was hoping to get it out of the way and done with for the October deadline as it would mean an end to all my Master's assessments, not to mention feeling relieved after submitting it. In our meeting a week ago though, my tutor was concerned that I would be over burdening myself, and with what has happened in my personal life plus the addition of being in employment, she asked me when I would want to hand it in. I have to admit, I was feeling really lucky to have such a wonderfully understanding tutor and was really touched by her generous act. However, despite feeling so overwhelmed by the good news, I decided to turn down her offer of six months (deadline date would be in May/June next year) and instead decided one month's extension would be more than enough. My new deadline date now stands on 27th Nov. My tutor, recognising how well I had done over the year, told me that I should consider the six months offer as it could mean that I will come out with a Distinction overall if I was given extra time. But for now, I just want it done with. Just a pass will do, a merit would be a bonus :-)

So there. The epic update on an epic project. Pray for me people, I just want it done and pass with okay to good marks. I get bored easily and so can't seem to spend too long on the same thing, not good when writing 15000 words on a project. Hmm. :-S

Anyway. Moving swiftly onto more simpler and happier things:

I gave myself a haircut yesterday. Don't worry I didn't chop all my waist length hair off (yup!). I just gave myself a fringe/bang over! I've always wanted one and the last time I got my hair cut at a salon, I got an over grown fringe which I have never maintained since. So yesterday, I went to the bathroom and tried to remember the steps the hairstylist on this video took, keeping in mind the look I wanted to achieve. See below.

The end result was something I'm quite happy with. The hubs and my mother in law (MIL) all seem to like it although the corners of the fringe are a little hmm, lets say raggedy! I'm hoping my hair stylist in my hometown can easily fix this next week when I visit my family up north. Word of warning to anyone contemplating doing the same: have a back up plan ready in case it goes drastically wrong. Alhamdulilah, mine didn't (I don't think!) but in case it did go wrong, I would've swept it all back as normal so no harm done, or noticed! Hah!

Another positive thing. I've decided to cut all the crap out of my diet, okay, well most truthfully speaking. This means, no more take outs scoffing greasy fried food: chips, fried chicken, fried fish etc. I'm attempting to practice control on what I allow myself to eat, because at the end of the day, you are what you eat. I don't want to suffer avoidable illnesses later in life because I couldn't keep a leash on my temptation control! Although Allah (swt) is the greatest planners of all things :-) More to be said on this later...

As for now. I'm back. Not gone for too long. Tapping my fingers to this song (pah, lame I know!)