Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Jib jab ouch

Does the thought of sticking needles into ones body NOT scare any body? Clearly the nurse who stabbed the TWO big fat needles into my arms has become immune to them herself! "It's nothing!" she grinned. NOTHING is not mega painful m'dear :-S

/rant over.

I have had a heck of a day, seriously. But who wouldn't think that after being on the receiving end of three injection needles???

After three weeks of thinking I would be relatively pain free following a temporary emergency tooth filling, I accepted pain would be back in full force after I accidentally swallowed my filling. Yes folks, swallowed it, gulped, not chewed mind, whilst munching on some grub last week. I had been avoiding sorting the sensitive tooth issue out for several reasons, all which I baaadly regretted today when the tooth pain struck again. Hot, raging and intolerable was the pain and agony I was in. All whilst in school after enjoying eating a packet of crisps :-(

I called the emergency dentist people who thankfully fitted me in for an afternoon appointment. I had to leave school, hoping the office staff would be kind enough to arrange cover for my lessons, which thank fully they did. Twenty minutes after much cleaning, drilling, treating, filling and polishing, not to mention the injection to numb the area, I was fit and ready to go. Alhamdulilah, I am now relatively tooth pain free, at least for now anyway :-)

Couple hours later, I then hopped along to my doctors surgery for my travel immunisation jabs. On getting there, I was informed my childhood jabs had expired and I was now in need of four jabs in total, including the one, the only one that I was expecting! Part of me actually felt cheated, I honestly believed my childhood jabs would protect me forever more. But apparently not :-(

Three injections later, and two more to follow in a weeks time, all is not doom and gloom. The weather in this patch of my world, is glorious. Sunny bright and HOT! And if that wasn't good enough, the English World Cup football team have brought back some pride, we won! England 1 : 0 Slovenia.


Tuesday, 22 June 2010

After weeks of hunting, comes the foul and then the granted pray(er)

The hubs and I have been spending the last year mulling over the prospect of relocating. We have spent the past month or two eyeing up suitable accomadation, weighing the ups and downs of complex A vs complex B, will the apartment be too small, too noisy, too happening? Just some of the questions we've been debating over.

Alhamdulilah, I am glad to say we have found what seems like the ideal city centre apartment for us, and gosh I AM SO VERY EXCITED! Thrilled would be too much right now, but I'm kinda close to it :-) A little haven, a love nest just for the two of us. Without giving away too much about the exact location details to the whole wide but small world, our little apartment will be ready for us to move in to after we return from Umrah (another big YAY) in July. This is what it looks like from afar:

After viewing close to dozen or so flats, countless looong and late conversation between the hubs and I, we decided to snap this one up before the renting population of B'ham swallowed it up! Super excited.

So that was the hunting, and the granted prayer bit. Part 1.

Part 2 is where the foul takes place.

Ever since the hubs and I got married, we talked a great deal about making the Umrah pilgrimmage when we both would be ready for the next leap in our lives. With the significant changes that took place in our lives, just less than a year ago, we decided to do Umrah Hajj before moving out and flying the marital nest. Living together, just the two of us, in an unknown town does seem quite daunting, especially since we will not have any family, or close friends physically within reach of us. And so we figured we could do with strengthing our imaan and our bond with the Almighty, and ultimately seeking His blessings and love before finally moving out.

March/April was when the official search for Umrah deals began and quite shortly we realised how pricey the deals can be around July time. We came across an agent who claimed to offer some of the cheapest deals on the net, and after some enquiries went ahead with it. Since then, this so called agent has been nothing but a constant pain in the neck. Two months after paying a third of the whole payment, numerous sleepless nights and days of being sick and tired of waiting for him to send some sort of confirmation through, we realised the incompetent agent was nothing more than an unprofessional and unreliable travel agent who was more interested in fobbing us off than sorting anything out for us. Enough became enough and we decided to cancel the deal with him, despite his promises of sorting something out soon.

By that point, I had reached melting point, distraught and confused by what had just happended. I had set my heart on going to Umrah for such a long time so why is this happening right now? Doesn't Allah want me to visit His sacred and holy site?

My prayers were answered the next day, a Friday alhamdulilah, when after much hunting for a reliable and decent priced travel agent, I found one who could offer us a tailor made package on the dates that we required. SubhanAllah.

We are also expecting a refund of the deposit soon iA. *clears throat*

Moral of the story folks.
  1. Cheap does not always = cheerful.
  2. When booking flights through agents, make sure they are at least ATOL protected.
  3. Having one's imaan checked and tested is vital and prerequisite of life, always seek the guidance of Allah.
  4. Pray and then hunt for the prey :P
Okay. Long story, cut not so short! lol

Anyhoo, I'm gonna be off to help myself to a cool, sweet and milky white Magnum. For now, check out the cute ickle ducklings the hubs and I came befriended near our soon to move into apartment:

Peace and love!