Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Dear Bloggie

Dear Bloggie

Even writing this one sentence seems to be an unusual feeling at the moment, it really has been forever since I was last here. I even forgot my password the first two attempts I tried logging in just now - thank God I finally cracked it, yes, you'd be correct in thinking that I felt something of a hacker logging into my own personal blog account, silly but there you go.

So what brings me here you may ask. Or perhaps equally as intriguing, why was I ever away for this long in the first place? Hmm.


I have, contray to what you may think dear Bloggie, been a frequent visitor on these shores. From checking through other fellow bloggers updates, to pondering over my own blog, I have been here, just not seen nor heard.

And to be perfectly honset I didn't mind that, not one bit. Plodding along with life has suited me just fine. But a written record of my life's account is something worth coming back here for. This place also suited me just fine when I was experiencing some of life's highs and lows so why should I not carry on with it?

So without going into the ins and outs of my life for the past year, I just want to say hey/hola/warup and check in before I make myself comfortable. It may not be immediate or even tomorrow when I sign in and wave my hand again, but just know that I am here with the intention to share my life with you, just a bit more ;-)