Friday, 29 May 2009

Punch in the guts!

I feel like this never ending, never successful job hunting is coming to an end. Not an end that I'm pleased with, but an end for the time being, I think.

I've been madly looking for a suitable job, even decided to venture out of my comfort zone - my current home, and to pack, set and go: on the condition that I would have a suitable job. Last week was a quite a sorry state of affairs. After a long day of endless interview assessments in a city far far far away from home and hubby, I didn't recieve the bad news call very well. Having spent hours and days worrying/planning/loosing sleep over the outcome of the day, the day didn't fare well, and was a let down. Luckily, I recieved the call when my train approached Cheltenham from Leicester and found my darling husband waiting for me at my platform; I say luckily because had he not been there, I have no idea of how I would have dealt with the bad news.

On meeting him, he assured me that it wasn't the end of the world, although it seemed difficult to believe at that time. Still, seeing him after over a whole week and spending the night prior the interview on my tod in a skanky hotel room, I was filled with joy - he had my back.

Since this set back, I had got back in touch with a school that had offered me the same job, this time in a small all girls school. I had asked for some time to consider the offer and they agreed, since the person that I would be replacing had not yet handed in her resignation, although she had given an interview at some other job and had been given an informal 'yes'. When I got in touch with the Head with my CV in his inbox, he reminded me of the current situation with the other teacher still in limbo and assured me that he'd update me asap, he also said he was happy that I had applied. Well, that 'asap update' was today and it looks like the current teacher may still have her job as the one she went for, fell through. I've been asked by the Head to wait until next week for a decision as he will meet with the current teacher to discuss her future plans etc.

Another punch in the guts. Twice in two weeks. I was sorta pinning my hopes on getting this one for many reasons; mainly though because it would give me, a newbie in the town, to get to know the community and also because of it's locality, it would be ideal and very convenient for easy travellling. *sigh*

So what now? Where do I go from here? What do I do with myself this September?

Ponder, ponder, ponder.


M.J. said...

awww :( i'm sorry, that sounds sooo frustrating. alhmadulilah you've got such a supportive husband though and you've been brave enough to keep looking. Allah swt has a good plan for you, so just keep that in mind any time something doesnt work out! You'll find something soon, inshAllah.

Fatty said...

Thanks Sis for your comforting kind words. You're sooo right about the hubby and also about Allah and his plans .... see new post :-)