Monday, 14 September 2009

Food for thought

Dear recipe writers and readers in general

Thank you to those of you who have been posting fab recipes for some really delish food for iftar and sehri. They really are so inspirational, and it's wonderful seeing a diverse range of recipes from all over the world especially during the month of Ramadhan. We're such a mixed fabulous bunch and there is so much to be learned from each and every one of us, if we want to that is. Remember, to learn is to share. Yaa, I think I just made that one up. So profound hey?! Hah :-P

Anyways, thanks to dear Aimie@The Knot, the hubs and I treated ourselves to a midnight indulgence (that's sehri to be precise actually) a few nights ago. Suffice to say, the recipe was great and the dessert was delishishousness, yeah, just like that (I think hunger is making me lose my marbles, just read the post title!).

Yumminess with Wall's vanilla ice cream.


My Getaway said...

Oh that's the fried bananas right? Looks good!

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Yup! They were so easy to make and so delish, can't wiat to try it again :-)

Anonymous said...

oh heyyyy! i just read this! flattered you tried it! now you post your fabbies recipes too please, would like to try some, especially now that we're celebrating eid and all.

oh and eid mubarak fatty!