Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Iftaar special

A short and small showcase of my latest culinary delights. I have to admit, I do feel like I've come a loooong way in this field as only last year, I was struggling to make anything edible for my first iftaari with the hubs and co. Seriously, we were living off shop bought stuff everyday when the MIL was away in 'desh, I thought I'd never learn! Feel kinda proud.

Yesterday's iftaar. Home made chicken ceaser salad with olives and grilled halloumi. Everything was either baked or grilled including the breaded chicken and croutons :-)

Today's iftaar. My first ever attempt at making sun blushed tomato hummus with fried red onions! T'was yum!

Here's how we wrapped it up. Home made falafels (mixture from a pack) with kebabs, halloumi and salad. Gorg.

And now I'm off to sleep so I can forget about the pounds! Heehee. Laters.


Sarah Alaoui said...

it all looks delicious!

My Getaway said...

Yum that all looks really good!

Skye said...

salaamz sis
yummmii your food looks amazing masha'allah just like a chef hehehehe

Anonymous said...

congrats just made me super the duper hungry and i have 3 hours to go before iftaar!pfffftt..;p

btw, i seriously miss you during your hiatus glad to see you're posting again!hope all is well with you and the family.salaams.xoxo

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Thank you ladies and Skye - I'm a wannabe mini-chef lol

@Aimie: Wasalam hun. Heehee, sowwie sweetie, your mini banana cakes had the same sort of effect on my appetite (shall write a few lines about that later heeehee) And yes, we are all fine alhamdulilah, both here and at my mums, thank you for asking sweet :-) I miss reading your posts too when you're resting your swollen pregger feet lol, but shall try to update this blog as frequently as I can although I fear I will be getting busier by the day! Takecare lovely mwah xx