Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I am so anti virus right now

Virus is the new word in my daily vocabulary. Having learned about it first in Science lessons and then in IT, I went on to further teach this to my students. I thought I was all virus'd out when I somehow mysteriously en counted a Trojan virus on my USB stick. Turns out that it somehow transferred from my school PC but luckily for me, my home anti virus software readily identified and attacked it. Computer viruses all out, I then encountered the scientific virus when members of my family were recently infected by it. Of course, spending a couple of days with them during my holidays last week would lead to me catching it too and oh boy, did I suffer or what. One and half days off work and dying of utter boredom and sickness I am oh so virus'd out.

Having just about recovered from a strong bout of virus attack, the one single piece of advice I can share is: eat your oranges, or drink the juice if that's what you're into. As soon as the sour sweet juices hits the back of the throat and induces a tingling feeling, you can be sure that you're well on your way to recovery, yessir, I know.

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My Getaway said...

Glad you're back and better from that virus!