Monday, 15 March 2010

Word up

Salaam world


My apologies for not writing anything in ages. Today, I'm having a go at writing a different style of post because quite frankly I don't feel up to writing a full and proper account of anything in particular.

Music: Jamming – Bob Marley

Location: Bedroom – shame on me for bringing the laptop into our boudoir, heehee!

Mood: Happy and mellow, alhamdulilah.

Feelings: A long one. Rather relaxed. I'm at home today as I don't work Mondays and Fridays, unless called in for supply work. Tired - as it's my TOM. Annoyed – parents evening tonight from 7 to 9pm, why so late?! Also annoyed at certain types of people whom we're all bound to meet in life. I'm talking about the gossiping and insecure types who make other people's business their own i.e. they don't think twice about passing judgment on your life, yet turn a blind eye to what's going on in their own lives. Anyway, I'm sure I'll get over this one inshaAllah!

Thoughts of wonder: (more utter randomness be aware)

  1. The sky is so beautiful when it's mostly clear blue with soft woolly clouds. Reminds me of marshmallows, which in turn reminds me of hot chocolate, yum yum!
  2. I wonder how things will work out for the hubs and I went we move home to a completely different place. Birmingham. I don't even like the sound of it, and nor do I have any love for the Brummie accent, but it seems to be the best place to be moving to compared to other expensive and resourceful cities such as London and Manchester. Apologies if I have accidently upset any Brummie readers! I am not a snob!
  3. I wonder how much stuff I'll actually manage to take with us and squeeze into our one bedroom flat! I don't have enough space where I'm currently living with huge wardrobes and ample (I'm a big hoarde!) storage – hmm.
  4. I hope we all have a fun time in Turkey – less than 3 weeks away, can't wait!!! Yes, we as in me, the hubs and all my siblings! Yay!
  5. Umrah hajj. Lots of questions more than thoughts at the mo. More to come later.

Food: Not feeling up for anything 'cept for a sweet cuppa. Mmm. Just finished cooking tarka daal, that's tomorrow sorted!

What's next? An afternoon nap, oh the joys of working part time eh! Larve it! ;-)

Anything else? Sorry to everyone that has been replying to my posts. Thank you so much, it's great to know that you guys are still there and reading on. Let me also mention that I habitually read pretty much all the blogs on my list for updates and entertainment ;-) Please don't think I'm being an awkward so and so just because I'm not commenting as much as before. Truth is, I cannot be bothered to log in. I'm actually writing this post direct from Word so as to avoid logging in. I don't know why, but I prefer writing like this!


As for now, ciao amigos!


eternal peace said...

salaams i've read your blog few times now (was introduced by my sweet sis queen from 'life of a bangladeshi wife') but dont think i've commented yet but now I think I must in defence of my city-brumland LOL. though i'm born and bred here I dont care too much for the accent either and many people say i dont even sound brummie but as for the place itself I have to say I think of it as the middle way, its not as busy or expensive as living in London, wherever you live in Birmingham you wont be too far away from a Muslim community alhamdulilillah and we have many facilities and resources for Muslims. Some parts of birmingham are quite pretty too!
Also theres plenty of teaching jobs here inshaAllah
so in conclusion what i'm trying to say that i think you'll like life in Birmingham its not too busy nor too boring!

mint.fresh.muslim said...


Sorry for the late reply. I think I may have changed my mind after visiting B'ham a couple of weeks ago. It's a huge city with lots going on and the people seem quite friendly too :-) I too hope I will enjoy life in B'ham, inshaAllah, it will be my home for the next year at least!

Thanks for stopping by btw!