Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Good Morning Bloggies

Salaam and Good Morning world

Gosh, it feels like almost forever since I last signed into Blogger and typed out a post. I feel kind of guilty, even sorry for not updating my blog over the past couple of weeks...buuut, there has been tonnes going on, not to mention my laziness habbits too :-S

Anyhoo. I'm currently on my hols, got the rest of this week off for Easter! When I'm not busy procasitinating, or cooking or cleaning or just generally relaxing, I will be busy with marking...grrreat! :-)

Terminator voice: I will be back!


P.S. The title of this thread came about when the hubs spotted me playing around with the blog layout this morning. Instead of saying the usual "good morning sweetcorn" he instead greated me with "good morning miss bloggy"! Hahahaha :-D


aimie bahirah said...

dear miss bloggy,

just writing to let you know that....

am still waiting for your honeymoon post!!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

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