Monday, 28 December 2009

An '08 flashback

Salaam all

Apologies for the long break, I have been so utterly rushed off my rather big feet, it's UNbelievable! Will hopefully fill you in with all my latest shenanigans soon iA. Until then check out a snap of some of my 2008 "notes to self" I found in an old mini notebook. VOWS?! Wth was I thinking writing that down! I'm struggling to think wtheck I wrote that down, I think I wanted to possibly pen a few words down words myself to make our wedding vows unique, but alas it never happened :-( The list by the way, was penned down just before the hubs and I "officially" got married here in the UK (we were already Islamically married in Dec '07) and a couple of days before our honeymoon in megafantastic Malaysia :-) Again, another story for another day!


Anonymous said...

happy new year gorgeous!i can see you're pretty busy of late but please pleaaase do a post on your honeymooooooooon if you have the time okaaaaaay! with photos okaaaaaay! would LOOOOOVE to see them!

p/s: ok.persuasive much?hehe ;)

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Happy New Year back at ya sweetie! How are you and your 'ickle family of 3? All is well I hope iA. Yupsie, I've been mega busy lately but I will try my best to do a honeymooooooon post lol! Wonderful wonderful time of my life! Takecare darlin'

p.s. persuasive? just a little ;-)