Sunday, 13 December 2009

Hip hip!

The past couple of months have been so jam packed: unbelieeeevable!

Firstly, the dissertation stress . Now OVER. RIP! Yippeeee!

Second, the hubs you may well remember, passed his ACCA back in the summer and finally graduated in November! Here's a snapshot of the things we got up to in his honour:

A month straight after this, my younger and youngest sister graduated too! This time in Radiography, not ACCA! MashaAllah, I'm so proud of her achievements, especially since what we've been through recently after losing our beloved father to cancer. She really deserved a good spoiling session, and she got one!

A couple of days after this celebratory event, my best friend and I finally got to see each other after months! But in all honesty, we didn't really get to have a proper catch up (not unless you count the drive down on the motorway!) as we spent the day at the NEC Arena checking out the "latest" high street slash designer trends in the Clothes Show. I quote latest as if I'm being totally honest, the clothes on most of the rails are the stuff I've already seen down in London, so a little naff really. Anyhoo. A good time was had. Many bargains were too, had, lol, another post mebbe.
Love it! :-D


Maryam said...

Sounds like you all are having a blast!


A big congratulations all around :D

aimie bahirah said...

aww am so happy for you guys! and am even happier that each yippee-ness comes with photos! love 'em.

hennnywayys...why am i not seeing any owls here anymore? ;p

aimie bahirah said...

whoops.there they are!this proves how sucky my bandwidth is!

mint.fresh.muslim said...

@Mariam: Thanks! We had a ball!

@Aimie: Aww huni, thanksies! Hope you and your little one are keeping well my love, mwah xx

M.J. said...

masAllah, you look amazing! you're so beautiful! congrats on his passing and i'm glad you had such a great time.

Constructive Attitude said...

awwwwww . congrats to ur husband. u guys are so cute together. mA :)

Anonymous said...

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