Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Apologies in advance to all those affected by the craziness of my blog template recently. Thanks to My Getaway, I have just become aware that comments were somehow mysteriously disabled! :-( This has now been fixed but it also means that I have no fancy template, plain old boring stuff. But hey, it gives me no troubles, YET anyway!

Ciao amigos!

Fatty x


My Getaway said...

Have you checked out the cutest blog on the block? They have some cute templates that work lol.

Anonymous said...

fatty dearie!!salaaam :D

so sorry for the long silence.am trying my best to blog and keep you guys updated whenever i have the time inshaA! read -> either when the lil one is asleep or when i'm awake hahah cos usually by the end of the day am all drained out what with brstfeeding and all phewwwh hehe. oh and btw he's growing out of his 0-3 months onesies already sobbbb :( how time flies.

but on a happy note, guess it's time for more & more shopping!! weeeeheee

hope you and family are in the best of health inshaA. love u loads darling muahs!