Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Golden times

Just today, my mother-in-law (from here on I may refer to her as the MIL) were reminiscing over the by gone times. She was reminiscing about her tiny newly born baby boy with the red lips who was passed onto her by the midwife, wrapped up in a woolly blanket, cute as a button. This baby boy is now my husband and her 26 year old married son. How time flies she sighed. I remembered how my mum and dad always thought us five siblings grew up too quick and too soon, how they wished they could stop us from growing up beyond the age of 10 so that we could all stay at home and continue with the good times we all shared (although, realistically this 10 year old business could not work, how could we all be the same age, huh, heehee!). It's so sad isn't it, when your parents realise you're no longer their little child anymore and are in fact fully grown adults, living in the big bad world. That said, I think most parents will always see their child as that little baby they held in their arms or the little cute toddler good as gold.

*huge sigh*

That will be one of us one day, looking back as parents that is, inshaAllah.

Anyway. The hubs has earned lots of brownie points this week. Not only did he save me a chore by scrubbing the bathroom, head to toe, floor to ceiling, on the eve before Eid, he also very generously rewarded my uni efforts with a blingBLING watch! It's huuuuge, seriously HUUUGE!
I love it, although between you and me it's a little too much on the bling and size factor. I'm sure I'll get used to it though!


My Getaway said...

That's so true even me as an adult I sometimes wish I was still a kid lol. Glad you're back and the watch is cool!

M.J. said...

aww, how sweet