Tuesday, 18 August 2009

My baby's done it!

Salaam dear readers

How are we all today? In good spirits I hope :-)

Something quite amazing happened yesterday and I feel this event alone deserves a whole post of it's own.

*Warning: Sick bucket may be required.

Sweet baby pie, also known as the hubs, got his results yesterday at 5.20am and alhamdulilah is now a fully qualified ACCA accountant!!! He has completed all his exams, icluding the last two which he sat in June and has not only just passed, but passed with flying colours mashaAllah! Neither of us knew what to expect as the last two papers he sat were the most toughest he had sat yet. The ACCA website was incredibly jammed as ACCA hopefuls the world over were all attempting to log on at the same time to check their results. When I finally managed to log in I quickly saw the words "Pass" "Pass" and gave out a little "ahhh you've done it" scream as the hubs continued scanning the page! My in-laws were over come with joy and called half of Bangladesh to let their families know of their son's success, mashaAllah it was a great feeling :-)

I am so incredibly proud of him and it really is so heart warming to finally see the fruits of his hard labour. When the hubs and I met all those many years ago (around 5 years ago now!), he was just starting off the ACCA course and now, all those many years later - he's done it :-D InshaAllah it will give him a new uplifting courage to go on to do even greater things and to make his, and our dreams come true. Even I feel free-er knowing that he is now stress free in that department and that we can now both move on in making our dreams come true iA :-D

To celebrate, I booked us a table at our local Slug & Lettuce (no I'm not kiddin'!) and yaa, indulged in some gorgeous food. The hubs even by that point still couldn't believe he had done it and was generally in shock, so conversation largely centred on work, ACCA, and work. Blah.

Yes, that is lettuce of some sort. And no, those fried things are not slugs, but king prawns! Haaoww! :-)

Oh well. My baby's done it! Well done you!


Queen said...

Congratulations to your hub May Allah bless him with success in his career Ameen.

...so were they like on the phone to bangladesh ( loud voice ) AMAR (HUBS NAME)FASH ( FASH = pass)KORSE and were they like ...ALHAMDULILAH BESH KORI FOYSHA FATAYO (did you mange to dechiper my attempt at sylheti)

... Slug and lettuce.......sounds really appetising...

Anyway...please send some mishti my way so i can join in the celebrations.So happy for you!

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Queen - I will send you some mishti, no probs, check out my blog later :-P I'll pass on your congrats lol@your Slyheti, bless. Actually, the convos were more about informing family and asking for their duas, luckily we don't have the traditional bengi issue of sending money "back home" :-)

aimie bahirah said...

ok, the sick bucket bit made me laugh big time.hahahah. aw, congrats to your accountant husband!!ACCA is tough, and to pass with flying colors is huuuge so you guys deserve all the celebration!!

ramadan kareem to you and your family!;)