Thursday, 2 July 2009

Back up again

Hey hey

I know I haven't blogged in a long time, week maybe? It sometimes feels like a long time but then it also feels like I've never been away, yes I'm a lurker and wander around from time to time without updating my own blog! Too much has been going on since I last logged in to post. I travelled to my 'rents (a whole +3hr train journey from almost one end of the country to the other) last Friday to be there for my younger sis who was taken into hospital last week, suffering from abdominal pains. With my mum being abroad due to family business and dad being ill too, I just had to leave to be with them.

I am so grateful to Allah for blessing me with a very understanding husband and set of in-laws, who despite their own own troubles, encouraged and supported my decision to visit my family.

My sister's condition was very shocking and totally unexpected but alhamdullilah is doing much better since being given the diagnosis and appropraite medication. Please spare a thought for my sis and dad in your prayers :)

On a lighter note: IT IS BOILING! The weather has been superbly sunny and also HOT with temperatures reaching the thirties, even in the northern parts of England! The sunny weather hasn't put a stop to people (self included) complaining about the massive heat wave however! Yes, we (as in Brits!) will complain about the weather come rain or shine, thunder or snow! lol

And on that note, I'm off to grab me a cool lime squash!


queen said...

i hope that your family members get better soon inshallah. i have to change your link on my blog other wise it wont update me on you...i wondered where you were....out of interest what is your ethnic background?

Fatty said...

Glad you've updated it Queen! I shall keep you in suspense until I reveal all, hahaha :D