Monday, 13 July 2009

Every day is FOOD DAY!

Hello world :-)

Looking back at yesterday, it dawned on me that most of my entire day centred on FOOD! I don't know why I'm acting surprised since this is a typical weekend thing for the hubs and I when we spend time at home during a weekend. From morning to 'til dawn, food is one thing that keeps coming up in our conversations in our daily attempt on planning our menu's for the following week. Of course, we just become distracted by going off on a tangent, which yeah, you guessed it, is *still* food related! Heeehee...

Anyway, here are a few snaps of some of the yummy grub we munched through yesterday:

The Bolly (?!) seekh kebab meal was hubby's doing, for he *is* the grill man around our ways ;) The raita with onion, cucumber and tomatoes was my creation; and the mouth watering but fiery apricot chutney was my MIL's offering! The chutney was just soo delicious - I would have no trouble living off this for the rest of my life! Mmm mmm! You're probably wondering, fiery apricot chutney - wth?! Did I not mention my love for hot HOT fiery food? Well, this chutney was mouth hurting HOT and tear inducing HOT as MIL upon my request, added lots of crushed red chillies to a mixture of garlic, coriander and apricots! Yum!

**Note to self: stop thinking about grub if you're serious about becoming 'healthier'**


Zarine said...

thanks for becoming my follower!
and oh the kebabs look mouth watering!

Fatty said...

@Zarina: Wsm. Kebabs were delish! Thanks for becoming my follower! ;-)

Queen said...

fatty lovely food, love bangladeshi way chutneys but never ever have tried it with apricot!!!
oh please dont be angry but i nicked a paragraph from your honest scrap thing explaining the rules, it was easier...hope you still love me

Nailz-In-Aus said...

salaamz sis
yummmmmmmmm im comming to your house for dinner next time hehehehe
lo0ks delicous..
take care =D