Friday, 17 July 2009

Why blog?

I've been in the blogosphere for two months almost and have been around it for much longer. I love coming across various random facts/opinions/stories/hint and tips, that interest me and have found that although the net in general is rich with all these things, blogs for some reason intrigue me even more. I like how I can almost step into someones world without crossing the threshold into their homes. Sort of like a fly on a wall, we watch as writer's write away. We get to read things that interest them and if it interests us, we read with them. If it doesn't we click away without the need for an apology for being rude, as would be standard in any face to face conversation. With blogs we have a choice of what we want to listen to: yes, listen. Sometimes we listen with our imaginary ears, at other times, with our hearts and minds.

Why not talk these things with the people in your actual life, why bother blogging at all? Why do we spend time writing a post, checking out other's and interacting with them? Is it the anonymity we love? The global connection? The sharing with like minded people? I think for me, it's a bit of all these things, plus other thing which I've failed to articulate. See, for me, writing here on my blog, keeps my mind focused, even in times of complete cloudiness, as it's an outlet for me to communicate my thoughts/feelings/ideas at a time sometimes inconvenient for the people in my life, for whatever the reason may be. Aaaand, not to mention, coming across some really great blogs belonging to sisters all over the world has a certain element of fabulosity about it ;)

How about you? What made you blog in the first place? Can you imagine a blog free world for you? Drop us a line :-)


Nailz-In-Aus said...

salaamz sis how are you?
I think I made a blog because I love how you can pick who you want to see your blog and what you want to show,and its also freedom of speech and to me its like a diary accept online for my passion hehehe oh and a blog free world ahhh id die of boredom hehehehe keep the posts comming hunni ur great tc =D ohhhhh p.s i want your receipes

My Getaway said...

Salam Fatty.
I made my blog to have a place to getaway. Where I can talk about things that may upset me that I might not want to share with people from my daily life. Like nailz said it's like an online diary.

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Salaam ladies and thank you for your comments, intersting to know that both of you and myself included sometimes use this space as a diary where we share our thoughts and feelings in a huuuge space. Talk about talking out loud! lol xx

Anonymous said...

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