Friday, 10 July 2009

Maxi moo

The maxi dress seems to have become the latest must have for hijab friendly summer wear and it makes perfect sense. Long, flowy garms with gorgeous prints, the maxi covers a multitude of do's for the stylish hijabi.

For me, the three big do's the maxis does:

  1. It's a one piece garment, covering you from head to toe, okay, more like neck to ankle (minus the sleeves of course)
  2. You can style it up or down, i.e. wear with a shrug/bolero cardigan for arm coverage or a cute jumper/top giving to get a skirt/top look
  3. Fab crazy patterns, not to mention the great colours maxi dresses - what more do you need for the summer??
Here's one I bought last month and I am yet to wear it, just can't find the right occasion to premier this bargain blingin' beauty:
What do you make of the maxi? Love it or shove it? :D


My Getaway said...

Wow that's really beautiful. Now I want one lol!

Anonymous said...

i la la la love it. perfect for mommies to be!

Fatty said...

@Lela: Tis isn't it? :-D Hope you find one!

@Aimie: Hehehee :P Maybe I shouln't wear it just yet then cos I certainly ain't no mummy to be! lol. Hope you're well Aimie sweetie, and good to see you posting again!