Friday, 31 July 2009

Random ramblings

Salaam folks

How are you all? In good health and spirits inshaAllah :-)

I'm going through yet another non work productive day today. Blah. I'm surrounded by work that needs flicking through, yet need to implement a strategy to tackle the force that is a 15,000 word dissertation :| Buut, I know what I'm doing, I think, need to get my ass in firing fifth gear. I'm determined inshaAllah :-)

I've also been meaning to write about some odd randomness but can never find the right place to slot it in, think I've just found it.

Randomness No.1: My bestest friend from back in the school the school days, and some one I've known for something like 13 years, made my entire week yesterday when she emailed me and told me that she had been checking out this blog and was actually entertained by it! I don't know what she meant by that but I'm sure it can only be a positive thing, because that's just what she is, little Miss. Positive! What surprised me the most though, was when she said that my character/personality was something that was apparently the same on here as it is off this blog and in the real world. This sort of did surprise me as I wasn't expecting it. On the contrary, I was sort of expecting her to say "Fatty, what the hell has been going on? You've changed! What are you going on about?" But no. She could see me in the posts, and I'm glad :-) I'm also glad that I confessed to her about this blog. I was unsure if I wanted my anonymity to disappear altogether. One thing I was sure about though, was that I wanted to share all these things with her, just as I have been doing for all those years.
Y'see, we now live 3 hours apart as opposed to 30minutes away when we both lived in the same town. We call each other every other week, msg each other, meet up in my home town when we can, but having this blog means that all those silly little things along with the more bigger things will now be shared. Beanie - I miss you and wish that you were here so we could have our fun little adventures, but alas, until then, get your little paws on your keyboard and sort yourself out with your own blog! I mean it! Do it! :-D

Randomness No.2: I've recently been waking up every morning and have started breakfast with fresh mangoes followed by bacon flavoured wheat crunchie crisps! And NO, I'm not preggers my dearies! I can't explain it. Soo odd. I really need to sort my fixation with bacon flavoured crisps - not gooood!
Randomness No.3: I still feel like I'm 19 not a soon to be 24 year old. I can't be bothered celebrating my 24th this Sunday. Feels blah. Too much work. Don't need the extra food nor bothery.Randomness No.4: Hubs has given me another pet name. This one is sweetcorn. 'cos I heart sweetcorn. Yaa. Cute.Randomness No.5: Today is one year from when the hubs and I officially became hubby and wifey although we had an Islamic wedding on Xmas Eve 2007. Strange England.Randomness No.6: It suddenly dawned on me while I was cleaning up the bedroom that I had tucked away a container full of sugaring wax some weeks ago, that hadn't gone according to plan. I creeped up to pull it out from under my bed and there it was. Rock hard, with spoon in tow! I shall persevere!Okay enough already of this self indulgent randomness ramblings.



My Getaway said...

First thing I thought was bacon flavor?? But I'm sure it's hala lol. And sweet corn? How cute lol.

Skye said...

salaamz sis this wat soo cute to read u should do the honest scrap tag plzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

hey your birthday is on aug 2nd, so is my kids......and my sis in laws kids, my hubs cousin kids, my sasa no1 kid, my sasa no 2 kid my other sis in laws kid....... I asked Allah before my child was born, Allah any day but aug 2nd, I was in denial when i went into labour aug 2nd.

Constructive Attitude said...

IS bacon flavored chips halal? that sounds sooooo weird.

mint.fresh.muslim said...

@My Gateway: I know I know, and I don't blame you for assuming it's haram! The actual bacon flavour is synthetic if you like lol, made up of stuff that apparently smells of bacon! Course I don't know how true/false this is as I've never eaten a rash of bacon in my life lol! Sweet corn really is cute isn't it!

@Skye: Salaam sis! Glad you enjoyed it! I think I may have already done the honest scrap....

@Anon: All great people are born on Aug 2nd! :D jk

@Constructive Attitude: Yup, tis is! And let me tell you - they are so delish! You should try them :-)