Wednesday, 15 July 2009

More stale seventeen than mint fresh twenty three

Hey people

Apologies in advance for this next "woe be me" full of pathetic self pity post. See, I've been feeling kinda run down and tired recently, sort of dragged through the bush backward tired. And before any one begins to even feel any sympathy for me, I assure you, my lethargicness is not due to over doing anything on the work front, none whatsoever. In fact, for the past few days, I haven't so much as glanced over my dissertation as I seem to have an inability to manage my time. It's as though all work related stuff is plagued; that's how bad my none existent work ethic attitude has become. I have instead, shtoopitly allocated much of my time to blog- FB-forum and general web browsing, not to mention playing Tetris and other wonderfully distracting games :| Baaad, very very VERY bad I know, since my deadline for this final piece of work is at the end of August, sort of round the same time as Ramadhan. (Note to self: Get a move on FATTY!)
So, to eradicate this feeling of being a slacking seventeen year old (and apologies for the huuge generalisation here!) and to retun to being a grown up TWENTY THREE year old, I shall swiftly move on, get a grip and get down to business. Yessir. Ahuh.

Not a minute before spicy sausage pasta though! Hehee.

Much love x


x l said...

Salaamu alaykum.. Aww, good luck getting back on the go. I definitely know the feeling, sis. I'm lazy as everything lately, and I'm so tired, frustrated, and HOT (Southern US summers are a force to be reckoned with). Anyway, feel better soon, missy! Thanks for your comment, too! ^-^

aimie said...

you know what,one of the many things I miss about my uni-days which ended last year was the slacking part.rushing towards deadlines was the in thing those days heeheh.but yeah,whats need to be done has to be done! so all the best with your dissertation love!xo

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Thanks ladies :-) Feeling much fresher and ready to go today! Wooohooooooo! xx