Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Want you back MJ!

Almost anyone and everyone who has been in living existence for the past few decades knows a little something about the legend that is Michael Jackson, either through intrigue, exposure or a mix of both.

The star that shot to the highest heights through his musical talent touched millions of ordinary people with his music as he made an astonishing and turbulent journey rfom rags to riches. Even from when I was a little kid, I remember how his music videos would electrify my living room with his superbly wacky dance moves and the infamous "aaW!". His influence was everywhere from his style (the permed hair-do's in the late '80s!) to his genius moonwalk - the man was a living legend. And he's gone.

I have just watched his final send off from start to finish and still can't believe he's gone for good. Whatever the controversy, whatever the accusations, I will always try to remember Michael for all the good he did for the world, and remember him fondly for all the reasons he made me laugh and smile as I grew up watching him perform his greatest hits on my TV screen.

RIP Michael. May Allah forever be in your heart, ameen.