Monday, 3 August 2009

B-day: the ahhs and naas.

Salaam world

So I'm no longer a young 23 year old! But am a young 24 year old instead ;-) Yes, yesterday I turned a year older and just this >> | | much closer to getting my pension! Heh.

It was a lovely day alhamdulilah, full of life's simple sweet things. I spent the day with the hubs and my in laws and for the second time, away from my parents and siblings. I don't think the whole "I miss you" thing will ever go away and yesterday was no different, although I have begun to get used to it.

I made it very clear from the outset that I didn't want any hoo-haa with this birthday. A double whammy b-day honeymoon celebration saw the hubs and I live it up in 6* hotels in Malaysia last year, and basically raised the bar so high that I doubt the hubs will ever be able to max the celebrations up ever again (not that I want him to btw)! I mean I would only be ageing, what's there to celebrate right? But oh no. The hubs spoilt me rotten, showering me with his endless love, and yes, not to mention lots of pressies, days well before my birthday. He really is the best and I don't deserve him! But clearly he thinks I do, so it's kewl ;-) lol.

Instead of dining out like we normally do, I insisted on staying in, cooking the family some mousakka. This took quite a while but thank God it paid off. T'was divine! What really topped it off though, was being with the family. Although we live together, we seldom eat together, let alone sit together. Yesterday however, we did, and we even managed to fit in a golden oldie, black n white old school Bengali film. Ahh. Family time :-) What didn't top it off though, was the news I got when I called my parents to bid them goodnight...I found out that my dad had to be taken into A&E last night as his breathing became dangerously difficult. He's had to stay in over night, but I've found out that he's doing okay now inshaAllah. *sigh* I knew he didn't sound well when he called yesterday morning to wish me a good day but silly me, I didn't pursue it any further :-( Allah knows best though, he'll be okay iA.

So. Another day and the future awaits. I'm really fortunate to have so many wonderful blessings in my life. These blessings are namely my nearest and dearest who truly care for me, something which admittedly I don't always succeed in recognising. Gifts are an obvious symbol of affection, but they are meaningless without the true meaning one attaches to them. I pray Allah always keeps me this blessed and surrounds me with his love through my loved ones. Ameen.

Aanyway. We took some pics to capture the sweet day. Enjoy readers :-)

Sweet card and the orchids from my in laws. So so so sweet!

Black and silver Asian dress from my parents.
Pink dress and second black dress from MIL.
Bag from sis
R. Lauren Style perfume (gift wrapped) from bro
Peridot (birthstone) and diamond earrings; Nintendo DS I with Brain Trainer - I was dying for this; card and chocs and not to mention insurance on the hubs car for my driving lessons - all from the hubs!

Home made mousakka! My first attempt mA :-)

Surprise cake, complete with candles and SHOES! lol Very sweet :-)

And that's the end of that.


Queen said...

im so jelous, i know i shouldnt be, actually it was the bit where you wrote about your mil giving you those dresses, mashallah you are so lucky to have inlaws like that, mashallah. happy birthday!

Skye said...

HAPPPYYY BIRTHDAY GORJUZ MWAAAAAAAAH i hope u had a great day xoxo

My Getaway said...

Happy birthday! Glad you had a great day and those are very lovely presents. Inshallah your father gets better and stronger soon.take care

x l said...

Awwww! Sooo cute! Happy birthday, sista! The cake is just adorable! I'll be 25 in Feb, and I'm STILL tryin to figure out what I wanna do! :)

Constructive Attitude said...

Happy Birthday!!! You're cake looks so cool and your family sounds awesome. masha'Allah.

Hope your dad is feeling better :)

Sara said...

Happy Birthday sister!!! Wow I love the cake. IM JELOUSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS lol heheheeheheh.

controlled chaos said...

Happy birthday!
and yeahh..i can be a bit spoiled when i'm in the mood. And you are so different from me!! In a good way though mash'Allah :)
I give you lots of credit.

P.S. I'm not always acting spoiled...just sometimes :)

Noor said...

Asalam Alaykum,

I am glad dinner turned out so well for you alhumdullah..

aimie said...

yeaaaay HAPPPPPPPY 24th DARLINGGGGGGG!! *hugs*

i hope your dad is all better now inshaAllah. and next time if you're in malaysia again, do buzz me!:D

ps:and i SO want the cake!!! gorgeousss pls!

Solace In Islam said...

Hpapy b'Day!

mint.fresh.muslim said...

@Queen: Thanks sis :-) I'm sorry if it made you envious, I assure you, that it wasn't my intention to do so. Yes, I am very lucky to have a very blessed family mA, I can just hope that you get that too one day :-)

@Skye: Thanks hun! I had a fab day!

@My Gateway: Thanks hun, they were all lovely. Dad is doing better thanks, still in hosp but doing better, so I've been told anyway.

@x l: Thanks sis! The cake really was gorgeous! I'm sure you'll figure something out before your 25th, quite some time left :-)

@Constuctive Attitude: Thanks sis :-) What can I say, they really are!

@Sara: Thanks sis for the bday wish! Cake was fab! Sorry if it made you feel envious, wasn't my intention to!

@Controlled Chaos: Hello! Thanks for the compliment, although I don't get what you're giving me credit for? Sorry if I offended you in anyway :? I was kidding!

@Noor: Thanks Noor! Alhamdulilah :-)

@Aimie: Aww thanks sweetie! I would parcel you a piece of the cake but alas it ain't gonna happen :-( I tell you what, next time I am in Malaysia (which I sooo pray to the Almighty is v.soooon!) I will try to bring you one over! Heheehe

@Solace in Islam: Thanks sis x