Friday, 14 August 2009

This is one post you shouldn't really read

Salaam readers

How are we all today? What's new in your world? What things have you been upto? What have you read, watched, laughed or frowned at recently? Why all the questions hmm?

Well. It's been a number of days since I was last blogging and although there is tonnes to say, it's just not happening. Maybe it will treacle out, in dribs and drabs . Oh boy. Brace yourselves, this is gonna be yet another random post!

What am I doing right now:
  • Sipping tea and eating cow biscuits. They're not really cows m'dears.
  • Feeling annoyed for not being able to pray and read the Qur'an on a Friday. I wasn't expecting to be hit by the cycle again, but what can one do.
  • In relation to the previous point, one should and could make the most of the days when one is in a state to read and pray instead of feeling annoyed and self pity for one's own self.
  • I'm not listening to music - WHY NOT!! Not like me at all *reaches out to play Lighthouse Family*
  • Trying to "write a story" about the data I collected for my 15,000 word dissertation. So far it's not progressing at the rate I need it to. *brainwave needed*
  • I'm thinking writing a blog is great. GREAT. gReAt. Yup.
Jumma Mubarak all and have a smashing day. I'll be back later with some more randomness!


WhiteOrchid said...

its strange how I always get this strong urge to do some extra prayers and recitation of the qur'an only when its that time of the month :S

Good luck with the dissertation! :)

NeverEver said...

Oh, me toooo. Always when I can't I really want to... I wonder if this will be the way it is at the Day of Judgement when we won't be able to make up for it, you know? *shivers thinking about it*

aimie bahirah said...

oh i just love all your random posts! and yeah so true - make an appoint to recite the quran on every given day inshaAllah before it's too late.gulp.

mint.fresh.muslim said...

@All: Glad to know that I'm not the only one who feels like this :-) Thanks ladies!

More randomness will soon follow no doubt hahaha :-P