Saturday, 8 August 2009

Sharing is caring, but pay for your own images!

Salaam world

How are we all today?

This is just a quick post to just say that I am still here (have been lurking around a lot recently, hehee), alive and kicking and have got rid of the dreadful flu! So yeah, I was flicking through some of my older posts when this particular post caught my eye, or rather the following image did:

It probably shouldn't have, but the image put an awkward SMILE on my face! Esp the bit that says: Do you think you could afford paying for everyone?

Hoooawh!! I mean, I know we all google up images and post them on our blogs, right? But seriously, am I thief? I feel like I've robbed someone of an income or something!?! Heeeheee :-D

And there I was thinking that the age old saying "sharing is caring" was true!


My Getaway said...

Salam sis. No you're not a theif just for using a picture from the web.. that you didn't know about. It's not like you took it and said you made the picture or something lol.

You've also been tagged for MY ISLAMIC WAY OF DRESSING. All you have to do is say how you dress for different occasions. You can check it on my blog if you want. TC

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Heheheee! How bizarre!