Sunday, 9 August 2009

Remembering Him

Morning world :-)

Hope you're all good and giddy!

I'm up early this morning, even after going to bed quite late. I just couldn't switch off last night, thinking, pondering with some what iffing chucked in. Most of my thoughts were to do with my dad and all that he's done for me, for all of us in my family. I was thinking how unfortunate it was that my dad was all alone at night in his hospital room, he's been there since last Sunday, my birthday. My family stay with him the whole day, but of course have to retire home as overnight stay is not allowed, thankGod that at least they can provide him with company. He is so fragile now, so weak with an unpredictable health. I know for certain that if my dad had been well and good and I was the one in hospital, he would be the first one to be there by my side. I know this because he did just that when I was five years old and fractured my arm and had to stay in overnight. Dad never left my side the whole night and day. And would you believe luck ehy, here I am, three hours away from him, in some strange town which is now apparently my 'home', so far away from him and caught up in my own life: the barrier stopping me from visiting him. I wish I could just drop everything and go to him, but I know that this would anger him more than anything as he wants me to complete my studies, which inshaAllah finishes at the end of this month. I dunno. May be I will just drop everything and go up to be with him, let's see how this pans out. Through Allah's grace, I found some solace after reading fajr and a few pages of the Holy Qur'an earlier this morning, all while praying in the back of my mind for my dad's recovery, inshaAllah. Allah certainly is the best of planners.


My Getaway said...

Salam alaykum sis. Bithin Allah you're dad will recover. He's in my prayers. I can imagine what you're going through. Stay strong and pray for him.

mint.fresh.muslim said...

Thank you sis, I am trying. I hope to see him next week iA :-)