Sunday, 9 August 2009

My Islamic Way of Dressing: Tagged!

Right, onwards and upwards with this iA.

First of all, hello, salaam and welcome to my new readers/followers. I can see that you're all from various parts of the world, which may I add, is hugely exciting! I look forward to reading your contributions, either on here or on your own blog, iA :-)

Okay soo...The lovely Lela has tagged me with the Islamic Way of Dressing tag where I will show you'z all how I dress on different occasions. Simple enough.

This is me on a casual/smart day out. I like to keep the look unfussy, chic and elegant with an edge. Don't know if I'm there yet but I do try, although I don't want to give off that impression! Hahaha! My look mostly consists of a dress/long top with a pair of jeans (usually skinny), teamed with a matching hijab and a pair of cute shoes.

On very special occasions, I will usually wear a traditional Indian outfit. ^ I am wearing a saree (belly covered!) with a matching hijab. I love sarees as they are sooo chic and give great overall coverage, if worn carefully!

I love shoes. Pumps are a necessity of mine. Style and comfort = must. The one below is gorgeous :-D
Around the house, I usually wear a kurta/kaftan type top with trousers or jeans. Don't have the luxury of walking around in my slumber gear anymore, now that I live with my in-laws!
I also like wearing cute casual dresses. I have one very similar to this:
Some days though, I enjoy wearing cotton salwar kameez, esp when the weather's hot.

Another staple is the long cardigan or a long jacket/mac to cover the bum etc.

Well well. Who to tag? I send this out to everyone and anyone who would like to showcase their daily, Islamic inspired, dress style!



Skye said...

MASHA'ALLAH ur gorjuzzzzzzzzzzz
and i lovee your fashion sense just beautiful..

My Getaway said...

Very stylish Fatty! By the way you are gorgeous mashallah.

Queen said...

mashallah Fatty you are so beautiful, your husband is very very lucky!

WhiteOrchid said...

sarees are quite lovely aren't they? your sense of dressing! :)

Anonymous said...

oh throw in a potato sack and you'll still look gorgeous darling!and yes,i love the knee length dress and skinny jeans combo too!

Skye said...

sis ur tagged

mint.fresh.muslim said...

@Skye: lol, thank you sis for the compliment.

@Lela: Thank you thank you! :-)

@Queen: Thanks sis. I am the lucky one, really :-)

@White Orchid: Sarees are amazingly elegant and chic, glad you think so too!

@Aimie: lol, you're too nice darling! Knee length dresses and jeans = fabness!

Aww thanks ladies. My head won't fit through the door now with my new over inflated ego! Kidding :-P