Tuesday, 2 June 2009

All smiles :-)

Hello hello and hello :-)

Hope you're well and happy iA.

I haven't blogged in a few days now, although I haven't been too far away, just haven't had the urge to get things written down recently. Anyway, a little update on everything typeworthy so far:

  1. My beloved dad hasn't been too well (will explain later) and was asked to stay over night at the hospital, seems like he will be there for another night only iA before being discharged - he is not in a critical state and is as fine as can be right now :-) . I ask all of you reading this post to take a micro-second of your time when you close your eyes/bow your heads or just remember your beloved God to make a small prayer for dad's health recovery. InshaAllah.
  2. I have a job! Remember my previous rambling about the possibility of working in a girl's school? Well, I recieved an email yesterday with an offer for the post, which by the way, I only read this morning! I'm so over the moon about this as I genuinely began thinking that there was no way I'd be in employment this September! The relief is just incredible and was evident from the moment I broke the news to hubby and my in-laws. Everyone I think, is just relieved for me as they were worried about me worrying! I'm just waiting for the official contract which will be agreed once the teaching references come through, nothing to worry about iA.
  3. Thirdly....hmm, nothing else really 'cept that I've been all smiles today, as pointed out by the hubby! I don't think I've looked this happy since,...., I can't remember! All thanks to the most beautiful and kind Almighty :-)
So then. I think I'll leave it here for now before I ramble on and on and on and on...lol

By the way, before I am off, a BIG HEY to my new blog followers: Queen and Aimie. I have been a reader of your blogs for a while now and it is because of all of you sisters (and my hubby's suggestion) that I have felt inspired to start writing a blog. Glad to know I'm not just writing into an empty virtual space!

Cool and out :-)


Anonymous said...

a BIG WELCOMING HEY to you too!and btw,i totally dig the mint concept,so very refreshing okay ;)

queen said...

i dont know what it is with me and comment boxes.... i wrote you a msg yday i honestly thought that i had sent it, oh Allah i hope i did not write it on someone elses blog they are gonna think that i have gone crazy!!!! You are the fatty that left a msg on my blog a long time ago right?...

Fatty said...

@Aimie: Thanks, very cool I think!

@Queen: Yes, that was me - I think!

Takecare chikitas