Saturday, 6 June 2009

Summer styling

I got a little fidgety last night thinking about summer and my need for more versatile summery skirts and so off I embarked on a web hunt for bargain priced gorgeous skirties.

Here is one I totally fell in love, looks great and the price at under £20 is a steal! A plain tee teamed with some beaded sandals and other beady accessories - summery funk!

Bargains in the background for a min, this lovely suede mac/trench/whatever you want to call it in a duck blue is very light and summery, well sort of if you squint your eyes! I love the under-stated yet tailored detailing, would look great with black trousers and jeans alike. One snag, the price tag at a "budget" price of £398! It is an Amanda Wakely piece, however (yes, who the heck is that?!) and all budgetary matters aside, it IS a staple long lasting piece.

Another small ishoo: I already have a fab black Mexx mac which I've loved wearing over the past three years or so and which btw, is still in good nick! Oh, I also have another gorgeous black and white mac which hubby bought for me as a birthday gift whilst we were honeymooning in Kuala Lumpur last year; which actually, is still hung up as brand new in my wardrobe as I just cannot find the most appropriate occasion for its premier outfitting!

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