Wednesday, 17 June 2009

[no name] #1


I just gave it one! hehe

Hello world! :-)

Hope you're all well and fine my blogista's around the world! I've been away from my blog for almost a week although I have been snooping around this blog and other blogs and just y'know, generally just procrastinating...I've been meaning to post a new entry about lots of things:

  1. Iran election and results
  2. EU election results
  3. Food
  4. Summer clothing
etc etc

However, I just keep getting side tracked and when I do find the motivation to write something I can never think of a suitable post title! Anyways, I was determined today that I would write an entry to ensure I maintain a sustained effort to write about something, anything, even nothing!

So in my vain attempt to write a little something, which is probably nothing, you may have noticed, or perhaps not, that my blog url has now been amended to

You may have also noticed that I have in the past changed my url like I change my hijab - the reasoning behind it really just depends on my mood on the day! That said, I like the sound of mint.fresh.muslim. - something about the m.f.m. pattern (if you can call it that) with the .'s in between! Oh also, I sorta decided against using the term Muslimah as although I respect and know sisters who refer to themselves as a Muslimah, I somehow, for some reason, find the term Muslim more 'me', something I'm more used to hearing/seeing and feeling. This is no dig at the sisters who use feminised term, it's just that I don't particularly feel much for the word itself :-)

Okaley dokaley, that's enough of my randomness and I do hope that my words cause no offence to any of you reading this! Hopefully I'll be back soon with more random gibberish!



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