Sunday, 7 June 2009

A picstory

Here are a few snaps of what went on in the Fatty domain earlier this week, Thursday to be precise:

In summary
  1. Bust up with hubby resulted in a bouquet of flowers and a thank you card at 7am in the morning, followed by breakfast in bed. Sweet sweet sweet, I am a lucky girl, I know alhamdulilah.
  2. On feeling quite silly and yes, guilty for the pettiness, I decided to cook up a treat for hubby and the family. I'd never cooked anything like this before, had only eaten the dauphinoise potatoes at a restaurant and so used recipes of the Internet as a guide. Outcome, well see for yourselves!
Fatty and pretty flowers


Cod & Pepper Bake with Dauphinoise Potatoes


Gosh, posting pics is such a farce, surely there must be an easier way! Please let me know what you guys reckon the easiest way is!


My Getaway said...

The flowers are beautiful and the food looks good! Don't know of a better way for posting pictures.

Fatty said...


Ok, shall investigate this further, ta!

lil' Hijabi said...

Loooveeee the flowers and the food looks yummyyy. You've made me hungry now

Anonymous said...

aww flowers,breakfast in bed..too sweet!being petty once in a while does wonders hikhik!:D
and the dish looks yum.was it easy to prepare?for me cooking can be a bit of a challenge okay I lied,its a huge challenge hahah!

and btw,for posting 2 or more pics i usually copy + paste them together onto one canvas using Adobe Photoshop or know,turn them into a collage-like piece cos it's easier as i can just upload them in one shot.