Wednesday, 24 June 2009


I got back from giving three, yes THREE bottles of blood to the nurse at my surgery and *ahh* it hurt! I didn't actually anticipate so much pain but boy, it killed! Not to mention how it instantly made me feel light-headed thinking that I was doing 360° spins :| I'm such a big baby, I know! And yes, it's probably my own fault for having a sugarful breakfast: a cuppa tea, two rich tea biscuits and a Cabdury's chocolate roll; all to the look of complete disbelief on the nurse's face. Yes, I am 23 and I have a poor, poor diet, and it doesn't improve the slightest before a blood test! Doh.

So yes, I had a blood test. A simple, routine blood test as a follow up to an appointment I had with a doc a couple of weeks back. A fortnight or two back I had been feeling a strange tingling sensation in both my feet, particularly worsening at night. The nurse told me that the blood would be counted and a check for B12 and other important thingies would also be done before the results come out: either this Friday or two weeks later, when the nurse returns from her jollies! TWO WEEKS! Grr!

Anyway, I'm feeling a little better now that my sugar levels have normalised. I drank a glass of OJ and am now munching on a Greek salad dear hubs prepared lastnight (it's so delish!). Feta Cheese - I ♥♥♥♥ U!

Greek Salad, ala Hubs stylee

Yumminess! :-D

Right, I shall now return to the world of real, proper and important work! Ciao!



aimie said...

erk 3 bottles?!i believe i would have fainted by the 2nd bottle. and alhamdulillah your're feeling better now! am anxious to know the results too.nothing serious I hope inshaA. but wait,what were the symptoms again?just a tingling sensation in both of your feet ay?any vomiting or queasiness that we should know about? heeheheeh :D

Fatty said...

Hehehee :D

Me curios too. I think I may be diabetic y'kno :?

Anyways, one things for sure: I'm becoming somewhat of a hyperchondriac! lol