Thursday, 18 June 2009

Hay fever and flu sufferers - get well soon!

The combination of hay fever+virus+general unidentified fever = one poor poorly person, namely my hubs.

Poor lamb has been off work for the past two days now as his usual hay fever tablets surprisingly stopped working, leading us to suspect something a bit more sinister. Alhamdulilah the nurse yesterday at the emergency doctor's clinic identified his illness as some sort of virus, causing blocked congestion and a high temperature. The medicine prescribed seems to be working, albeit slowly and the steam facials I've had him enduring seems to be clearing his airways. Oh another benefit of this steam session was that it gave me the perfect opportunity to remove the shockingly gross black and WHITE heads on his NOSE! Gosh it was satisfying! I mean, I never anticipated how great the results would be (yah, he had quite a few visible ones) but boy I was so pleased that I couldn't stop staring at his nose with amazement! Made my (yester)day :D

So yeah, the poor soul is off work today and since he's getting his stamina and good health back, he's been hooked on the Wii playing BoomBlox for God know's how many hours :|
Oh and he keeps poking his head round my laptop from time to time to see what I'm writing about [cuttieee!] claiming to do it because apparently I like it! Yeaah ;)

For anyone suffering from hay fever or such an illness, you have my sympathetics people! Remember, drink plenty of water and fresh and pure orange juice - wonder drinks!


My Getaway said...

Ok something reaaly strange is going on with your blog. First it wasnt show new posts then it said that the blog was deleted. I don't know whats going on lol.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

referring to my getaway's comment,ahaa that's because our dear fatty has been changing her blog address one too many times lately!lol.

and uhh don't you just love poking those annoying black & white heads?i know i do.especially when I do the poking and the poor soul being poked at is my husband!bliss.......;p

Fatty said...

@My Getaway: Whoops! I didn't realise changing my URL would cause a little mayhem! Yaaah as the lovely Aimie has pointed out, I've changed the address many times over the past few weeks. Hopefully this current one WILL stay :-D

@Aimie: lol, yes poking those ickle heads is sooo satisfying! Gonna have to wait until the next batch re-appear before I can get my hands on them again! lol. ThankGod for hubbies with plenty of blackheads and wifies with a love for squeezing them out. hahah :-D