Sunday, 7 June 2009

June showers!

Gosh it is so dull and damn out there! We have had a week of glorious sunny warm weather and now dampness! Bleugh. I don't know how some people can find weather like this gorgeously romantic, just the thought of water getting into my toes makes me *shudder*.

So what's been going on in Fatty's world as of late?

I've been swotting up for my driving theory test continuously after a huge slump of nothingness from when I booked my test to the moment hubby rightfully gave me a telling off for not bothering to revise! He never NEVER yells and boy, when he did, it gave me the kick I massively needed! So yes, I am now feeling a lot more confident about my theory test on Tuesday. For those of you not from the UK, all learner drivers must pass a driving theory test and a hazard perception test which covers all the necessary info regarding driving motor vehicles; once passed, the learner can only then proceed to attempting the practical driving test, within two years of passing the theory test: in total, the driving tests consists of three parts. I have actually attempted this test and passed it before, however, due to my laziness for not getting round to taking my practical test in the two year window provided after passing the theory test, my pass has become invalid, hence the retake! Grr grr grr! InshaAllah I'll be okay!

On a more positive note, my two sisters have been on the phone all morning keeping me up to date about the race for life event which they have taken part in for the first time today. I was supposed to be taking part too, but due to hubby's exams, it's been impossible! Well not impossible, but there's no way I'd be able to leave him in the run up to his LAST EVER exam unless it was a life/death situation! InshaAllah I will take part one day as it is a charitable event for a cause very close to the heart of my family. The runners/walkers who have participated will run or walk a number of kilometers to raise money for cancer care, research etc, and since my dad is a cancer sufferer and has been for the last 8-9 years, it is a charity I would definitely become involved with at some point in my life, inshaAllah.

Okay, shall leave it there for now. I fancy a cup of tea to suit my mood in this damp rainy weather so ciao amigos!

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