Saturday, 20 June 2009

The bootie cover up: long cardis

Wearing trousers with a short-ish top is quite often a no go zone for Mulsim women (including yours truely) who may feel uncomfortable walking around without a long top covering their rear/bum/bottom/bootie/backside (ohh wareva). I've not always felt like this about wearing short tops and trousers, but ever since being together with the other/engaged/married I have become more conscious of it, mostly because hubby prefers me covering *it*, as being quite curvy, my trousers fit a little too well in certain areas. Hugely annoying, and quite literally too, as I feel as though it is immodest for me to not cover up in that region, especially since I do wear a hijab. That said, I have seen many hijabis wear short tops and trousers with modesty, and it's great seeing that. However, most of these hijabi's are typically very slim and slender and therefore their figures are not always accidently revealed as is the case with a woman with a fuller figure (hips etc).

I fell into this 'very slim' category years ago and when I did wear trousers with a short top, with a hijab, the feeling of being immodest wouldn't be one that would instantly come to my mind. Being married and living a very different life does however equal to many changes, and a sometimes inevitable one (depending on one's lifestyle of course) = weight gain, which in turn effects the shape of the body and thus the fit of clothing on the newly developed body frame.

With summer well on its way here in the UK, most of us will be opting to drape loose cotton clothing around our bodies (good news for hijabis!) such as linen trousers and cotton tops. As a matter of fact, I have acquired two pairs of lovely linen trousers to take me through the days when I just want to lounge around in casual wear, which brings me back to the topic of covering the bootie.

One essential aid to overcome the bootie problem is the staple and versatile long cardigan, sleeveless or with sleeves. It covers a multitude of problems, well actually...mainly two: good overall body coverage and v.good bootie coverage. Recently, I've been making the most of my faithful sleeveless black tie cardi and have also purchased a grey one which I think will go great with jeans and trousers alike.

This black one is similar to the one I bought from New Look months ago and the gorgeous yellow one is one that I will keep a good lookout for as I am yet to come across one like it:

Mmm :-)


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Nailz-In-Aus said...

Salaamz Fatty lol i feel weird saying fatty hehehehe anywayz thanx for the comment sis,u should take a pic of ur nails id love to see..I had to cut all mine off coz one broke. Hope ur well take care mwahz