Thursday, 11 June 2009

Books, clothes, shiny lip gloss in a hot hot noodle soup

Hello world!

I've been meaning to update my little personal journal for a while now, but alas, things have been quite hectic recently so here's my update [ooh, btw, I shall write in bullet form as it helps keep my mind focused, eh]:

  • I was at uni yesterday for a lil while and during my walk from the bus station to my building, I realised that I wouldn't be there for much longer and so, should utilise my handy camera to snapshot my surrounding since the weather too was on my side. Here's a glimpse of my uni area from yesterday:
Pic of the Law Building, Wills Memorial if I remember correctly. Awesome looking building.

My building! Oh the temple of profound wisdom! Hmm.

  • Gosh, got sooo much to do for this final FINAL unit: the dreaded dissertation! Okay, so I have done before, but the thought of doing another, Master's level at that, is quite frightening. InshaAllah, it will be fine, I will put my sweat, blood and tears into it to turn it into a masterpiece and voila, I'll have the Master's under my belt in no time hah! Now to get to those books about educational research and communication technologies......

  • Yesterday was also the final day of darling hubby's final exams! The poor love was ill-ish with hay fever as well, I only hope Allah will reward him kindly for his efforts, inshaAllah. Results out in August, fingers and toes crossed until then. But before then, drool over this delish looking supergrub....I say supergrub cos it was belissimo! Halal chicken is a rare treat in UK, non Indian, chain restaurants and we found it at Tampopo (yes, pardon the name, it means daffodil or something similar in Japanases apparently!) T'was a cool restaurant, serving pan far eastern dishes from Singapore to the Philippines to the people of Brizzle!

'Laksa' dish from Singapore was my choice of the day. Fiery cocounut broth and noodle thing with chicken, prawns and tofu - lush! HOT HOT HOT!!!

Hubby's dish, a Malay 'Kway Tweo' - quite tasty. Shame neither of us managed to use the chopsticks, guess we'll have to practise using the one's the waitress so kindly gifted me!

Vietnamese coffee - with condensed milk! Teh tarik nostalgia!
  • Okay food indulgence aside I also bought three books, yes THREE reading books! I surprised myself actually, as although I do want to read more for leisure, I rarely find or quite honestly make the time. Will soon change I hope as the following books seem to good to miss:
  1. Reading Lolita in Tehran - Azar Nafisi; have already read almost a dozen chapters, definitely a page turner
  2. Beauty - Zadie Smith; blurb sounded intriguing
  3. The Glass Palace - Amitav Ghosh; novel on the happenings in colonial India

  • I also embarked on a style finding/developing journey with hubby yesterday as he has recently shown a deep interest in pleasing me wrt: fashion, to which I stressed that developing one's own sense of style is far more important than just following fashion. Bless! I don't know what has brought this on right now, but I'm not complaining! His wardrobe has (or had rather) three shades: black, white and blue: ahhh, I suddenly remember why he's doing it now! Shopping for him for hours on end, was definitely worth it :)

  • I've also spent half of today shopping, again, and not for myself, again! Gosh. Self restraint or what!! Good feeling :O

  • Finally lip gloss: I now have two cute tubes of pure lip shine! One peach the other pink, both very transparent and s.h.i.n.e.y! Perfect for summer!

So there. My update. I feel a need to do more often than before for some obscure reason: actually the thought of sufering with memory loss is quite scary and in case that ever happens, I have this for an extra memory aid! hehe

As for tomorrow, I am offsie to my parent's on a weekend visit, with a wedding squashed in, can't wait iA :)

As for now, I am SHATTERED! EXHAUSTED! SLEEEPY! Huuuge post huh. Right, I'm off! Nite all!



malekat_el7oriya said...

aww it seems like it was a great day, albeit the exhaustion and such :D
still that 'laska' dish looked delicious!
take care

My Getaway said...

Wow what a day! That dish looks really good too. I didn't both you and your husband are in college.


Anonymous said...

my oh my..laksa?kwey tweo?teh tarik?! am in malaysia & yet still drooling! (excuse the truck driver appetite, am pregnant!)hahah

queen said...

hi fatty,

hope ur okay, nice pics, Inshallah you will get your masters if you put your heart and soul to it, what is your background fatty?

Fatty said...

@My Getaway: Both dishes tasted amazing although mine was extremely HOT! haha. College thing, sorta complicated, will explain in another post one day....

@Aimie: lol. Teh tarik is one of my fave tea's, so delish! Haven't had a proper authentic one since last year! :-(

@Queen: Thanks for the encouragement, hopefully it will be all done and dusted soon iA. My background is in secondary school teaching - ICT. Hope you're keeping well :-)